March 1, 2019

Sketch: Forever Abby's

I took a few improv and sketch classes in the past at the Magnet Theater in NYC. Great theater, great classes, great teachers. Here is one of my sketches from my level one class that for some reason I rediscovered today. Enjoy!

Forever Abby’s


Two tween siblings sit around a living room with nothing to do. The brother sits cross-legged pinching himself while the sister plays with her hair lying down with her legs against the wall. Mom and Dad walk into the living room disapprovingly shaking their heads.


Kids. Are you bored? Always seems like there’s nothing to do? Parents. Don’t you just want to get the kids out of the house for once?

Family looks up to the camera waiting to hear what’s next.


Well…do I have some news for you, here at Forever Abby’s we have everything for everyone in the family!

Family cracks exaggerated smiles excited to see Forever Abby’s. Cuts to Family walking into a Playcade smiling with kids jumping up and down.


Here at Forever Abby’s Playcade your kids will never get bored. We have games, prizes and unlimited food.

Quick montage of kids smiling while playing arcade games and eating pizza.


And for you parents. If you ever get bored at the bar we can take it from here. With our new app you can watch your kids from the comfort of your home.

Parents look at each other with a smile, say goodbye to kids and head home. After a day of cleaning they sit down on the couch clinking their glasses of wine smiling at each other.


Getting late? Time to pick up your kids?

Parent’s look at their watches, at each other, then at the camera shrugging and nodding.


Well, just have them stay the night because after Abby’s Playcade we also have…Forever Abby’s Sleepover!

Parents look at each other and smile. Cut to kids jumping up and down on bunk beds having a pillow fight.


And it gets even better! Parent’s look at each other and back at the camera wondering what could possibly be next.


Once the long weekend is over you don’t have to pick up your kids! Because during the week we turn into…Forever Abby’s Boarding School.

Parent’s nod to each other and clink glasses of orange juice over the breakfast table. Cut to kids looking deadpan into the camera, their facial expression turn to one of concern.


Now you can have Forever Abby’s take care of your kids schooling. And you won’t see them for the whole year! Now that the school year is done time to see your kids! Right?

Parent’s nod to each other giving each other a “Sure?” look. Cut to kids waiting by the door to be reunited with their parents excited to leave Forever Abby’s.


Well not so fast because your kids can join the Forever Abby’s internship program!


Oh that’ll be such great experience and look great on college applications!


College? Haha. Who needs college? Once done with the internship your kids get a full time job! Right here at Forever Abby’s and become officially part of the Forever Abby’s Family!


Wow! It’s like the kids don’t even need us anymore. LITTLE SALLY Wait…? It’s like we’re at Forever Abby’s… (with despair) Forever?


(cheerfully) That’s right kids! You have a new family now!


(sobbing) But…but…I want to go back home!


A little too late for that now son! Looks like you two are here to stay! Haha! So anyway, don’t wait any longer. Come on down to Forever Abby’s to be a part of the Forever Abby’s family forever!

A split screen is shown with the parents on a yacht clinking glasses of champagne enjoying their newfound early retirement thanks to a life without kids. On the other side of the screen are the kids in Forever Abby’s employee outfits waving at the camera while looking at the ground almost lifeless.

Pan out.